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Value4Value music podcast


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Tailored for your listening pleasure

This music podcast is tailored for your listening pleasure, by playing the greatest releases of Value4Value music. Every song you hear is released, and in some cases self hosted, by the musicians themselves. You can stream or download their work for free, the only thing they ask of you is to consider giving some value in return.

Ask yourself: "What was the value received from listening?"

Choose Value4Value!

We now have the opportunity to release our own music, in ways most of us would never before think was possible. With dedicated websites and Podcasting 2.0 support, it is getting easier and easier to do this on your own terms. This means freedom for you as an artist to create what you want, make real connections and get support from people who cares about your work. It is time to stop, and think about your own creative and financial freedom as an artist. Release your own music today!

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